Hire a St. Petersburg Auto Accident Lawyer You Can Count On.

Every vehicle accident story is different, but the end result – the injuries, time away from work, medical bills, the long, hard fight with the insurance company – is the same. You’re in pain and if the insurance adjuster delays or denies your claim, you may be ready to throw up your hands and give in. But wait – there is hope.

Confidence. Competence. Compassion.

Your St.Petersburg auto accident lawyer, at the Rooth Law Group, will not  stand silent. We know you are looking for a competent St. Petersburg auto accident lawyer to fight for you and the justice you deserve. Our attorneys walk with you every step of the way.

What your St. Petersburg auto accident lawyers at the Rooth Law Group will do for you?

  • Deal with the insurance company
  • Preserve your rights and look out for your interests
  • Make sure you’re not being taken advantage of
  • Fight for you, so you can focus on taking care of yourself & your family

Why is it so important that you work with a St. Petersburg auto accident lawyer if you’ve been seriously hurt? Consider some of the challenges our clients have faced:

  • The waiting game. Insurance companies do not like to pay out on their policies, and will go to great lengths to avoid doing so. You may submit your claim and not hear back for months until a simple denial letter is sent. Now while you’re trying to recover, you have the additional burden of a fight with the insurance company.
  • The blame game. Your claim has been denied because you were somehow negligent. You were speeding when you crashed, or you were not wearing your seat belt. What they don’t tell you is that even if you were negligent, you are not completely at fault and may still deserve compensation.
  • The runaround. Even if your claim is legitimate, it can be denied. Many legitimate claims are not followed up on after the initial denial, because the burden of challenging the insurance company is too great. After a few weeks of frustrating phone calls, many accident victims will simply give up, and the insurance companies will not have to pay out.

St. Petersburg auto accident lawyers, Ryan and Kelly Rooth are familiar with the games that the insurance companies play. Ryan was in a car accident himself, and understands how difficult and frustrating the effects of an auto accident can be. We know firsthand how having an auto accident lawyer can make a HUGE difference in your case. In fact, it is so powerful that insurance companies will often settle as soon as they find out you hired an attorney!

Although our business continues to grow, our attorneys stand by their small-firm beliefs: they focus personal attention on every client. You are not just a dollar sign, or a name to add to our case sheet: you are a person, and a person in pain. We won’t leave you looking for help when you need it most.

Collisions can result in as little damage as a broken fender-but in many cases, they result in devastating injuries like traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal cord damage, lacerations, paralysis, whiplash, fractures, broken bones and long recovery times. If your injury has resulted in a loss of income, the Rooth Law Group is committed to getting you the compensation you deserve.

The St. Petersburg auto accident lawyers of Rooth Law Group represent a variety of clients injured from:

Car Accidents

Auto accidents and their resulting injuries can be very stressful and traumatic. Make sure you have an experienced personal injury attorney guide you through and deal with the insurance company on your behalf. If you’ve been injured in an automobile accident in Florida call us today for a free consultation, 727-797-9600 in Pinellas County, 813-333-6517 in Hillsborough County.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accident injuries can be the most serious kind of injuries because the motorcyclist has zero protection from impact.  If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident, you need an aggressive and skilled attorney to represent your interests to the insurance company.  Contact experienced Tampa Bay Area motorcycle injury attorneys at Rooth Law Group for a free consultation, 727-797-9600 in Pinellas County, 813-333-6517 in Hillsborough County.

Semi Truck Accidents

More than 500,000 truck accidents occur in the U.S. each year. Our personal injury attorneys represent families who have lost a loved one in a large truck collision and those who have been seriously hurt by a truck driver’s negligence.  Contact our Florida semi truck accident attorneys today for a free consultation, 727-797-9600 in Pinellas County, 813-333-6517 in Hillsborough County.

Pedestrian and Crosswalk Accidents

Children and the elderly are the most likely to be injured while walking on our roads.  Particularly in Florida, where the weather is conducive to traveling on foot all year round and there is a high population of elderly citizens, there is a higher number of pedestrian accidents caused by negligent drivers.  Our lawyers are dedicated to representing those who have been injured in pedestrian or crosswalk accidents.  Such injuries are often the most serious kind, as these victims are the most vulnerable in a collision.  If you or a loved one has been injured while walking or cycling, call Rooth Law Group today for a free consultation, 727-797-9600 in Pinellas County, 813-333-6517 in Hillsborough County.

Bicycle Accidents

Bike riders are some of the most exposed and vulnerable drivers on the road.  Under Florida law, bicycle riders share the road with vehicular drivers and must abide by the rules of the road as any other vehicle.  As the Florida economy struggles, more and more bike riders are taking to the streets for transportation.  The sad fact is that injuries and deaths from accidents involving bike riders are almost daily news.  If a leisurely bike ride or commute to work on your bike was interrupted by an auto crash and ended in a trip to the hospital for you or a loved one, it is time to get legal help.  A negligent driver may have been responsible for the injury sustained.  Contact experienced bicycle injury attorneys at Rooth Law Group for a free consultation, 727-797-9600 in Pinellas County, 813-333-6517 in Hillsborough County.

Bus Accidents

Buses are large and awkward.  Maneuvering a bus requires great skill and care from its driver.  Unfortunately, the careless driving of a bus driver can cause significant injuries to anyone involved in a crash with a bus.  The overwhelming size and weight of a bus leaves other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians with little protection in an accident involving a bus.  Don’t let the county or big business intimidate you.  If you have been hurt in an auto accident involving a bus or were injured while a passenger on a bus, contact experienced Tampa Bay Area bus injury attorneys at Rooth Law Group for a free consultation, 727-797-9600 in Pinellas County, 813-333-6517 in Hillsborough County.

Drunk Driving Collision

Drunk driving collisions are crashes involving automobiles driven by a drunk driver.  A senseless and totally avoidable crime, we believe there is nothing “accidental” about a drunk driving crash.  Our drunk driving collision attorneys will zealously represent you or your loved one who has been injured by a drunk driver.  Contact us for a free consultation today at: 727-797-9600 in Pinellas County, 813-333-6517 in Hillsborough County.

Wrongful Death

What separates us from the other personal injury attorneys in the Tampa Bay area?  We will not only aggressively represent your interests in court, but will treat you with compassion and respect.  Although these common courtesies are sadly lacking in the practice of law today, they are especially necessary when you are dealing with the traumatic experience of a serious auto accident or loss of a loved one.  Tampa Bay area wrongful death attorneys will work with you to determine how you can confront the individual, corporation, or insurance company that is accountable for your devastating loss.  In addition to helping families who have lost loved ones in automobile accidents, we assist those who have lost family in other accidents and mishaps, ranging from work-related injuries or harm caused by medical treatment.  Let us begin advocating on your behalf today.  Contact our Tampa/St. Petersburg wrongful death lawyers for a free consultation: 727-797-9600 in Pinellas County, 813-333-6517 in Hillsborough County.

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